It is a parent’s worst nightmare, you are out in public with your child and suddenly a temper tantrum rears its ugly head. So what are some ways to handle your normally good tempered child when he or she suddenly develops a bad temper?

First of all try not to reward your child for their bad behavior. If they end up getting their way while having a temper tantrum they will quickly get the picture that tantrums will continue to work and they will not stop throwing them. Also do not react negatively toward your child if they are having a tantrum. Negativity will just result in a more negative response from your child in return.

Make sure there are clear consequences if your child throws a temper tantrum. Find a sitter instead of taking them shopping with you. Take away their favorite toy. Whatever you choose to do, stick with it. Once your child knows that they will not get away with a tantrum they will usually stop.

You should acknowledge that your child feels upset and try to direct them into expressing their feelings in a different manner. Tell your child you would be happy to talk to them as soon as they stop crying, or maybe ask them to draw you a picture about how they feel. Helping your child to know there are other ways to express angry feelings besides temper tantrums can help make sure no more happen.

If you have the patience to do it, you can ignore the temper tantrum. If a child realizes that no one is paying attention to them they may cease throwing a tantrum.

The internet is a great resource for finding additional tips for dealing with temper tantrums. You family doctor as well as your friends and family can also offer advice on how to help calm an overly upset child.

Alternatives to Spanking

Spanking or no spanking. This has been up for debate among parents for many years as a proper way to discipline children. If you happen to be on the side that does not approve of spanking or do spank your child but are looking for an alternative discipline method consider any of the following.

If you are incredibly upset take up the issue at another time. It’s completely okay to tell your child that you will address the situation later. If you do not think you can deal with the problem at hand have your spouse step in.

Give your child choices instead of spanking them. For example, you can tell them to cease whatever bad behavior that is currently going on or they and stand in a corner. You could also consider combining this option with a time out. Explain to your child to stop hitting their sibling or they will have to sit at the kitchen table on a time out for five minutes.

This style of discipline can help instill better behavior habits in your child. Instead of yelling or spanking your children when they do something wrong encourage them by letting them know what you would like them to do. Also offer lots of praise when they are doing something good or have remembered proper behavior.

Try not to yell or speak negatively when speaking with your children. Children will react much better to positive words and will be less likely to argue if spoken to in a calm and positive tone of voice.

These are just a small sampling of the alternatives to spanking your child. Removing this type of discipline from your home might work wonders in improving the behavior of your child.